Vyšehrad: Fylm
Palmovka Summer Film Festival
Comedy / Sports
Czech Republic, 2022, 105 min
Directed by Martin Kopp, Jakub Štáfek

Open-air screening in the Humanita cinema hall


Thu 04/08/2022

Vyšehrad: Fylm

at 20:30
Novákových 20–22
Praha 8 – Libeň
Sale closed
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Basic information

Directed by Martin Kopp, Jakub Štáfek
Screenplay: Tomáš Vávra
Director of photography: Jan Filip
Music by Vojtěch Záveský

Is the humor tastefully unfair, or is it just mean? Let's not play critics (or criticism), make your own picture of the film (fylm). The fact is that it scores well in Czech cinemas.

 Those who watch online series and live for football probably know who Lavi is, played by Jakub Štáfek, who, along with Martin Kopp, is also listed as co-director of a more complete story with a very decent cast. Against the backdrop of a small Czech football tragicomedy, Lavi deals with his career and the discovery that he is a long-ago father. And the intellectuals, in turn, discuss whether or not the film is a Czech Borat.


Admission: 135 Kč


Vyšehrad: Fylm (2022)
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