Párty Hárder: Summer Massacre
Palmovka Summer Film Festival
Czech Republic, 2022, 100 min
Directed by Marty Pohl

Cancelled due to bad weather forecast


Thu 25/08/2022

Párty Hárder: Summer Massacre

at 20:30
Novákových 20–22
Praha 8 – Libeň
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Basic information

Directed by Marty Pohl
Screenplay: Marty Pohl
Director of photography: Marek Brozek

Cast: Daniel Žáček, Jiří Bohatý, Adam Ernest, Kostas Zerdaloglu, Radim Neuvirt, Václav Žáček, Vojtěch Vodochodský, Petr Reif, Martin Kocián and others

A tasteful, gentle, breezy summer romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of growing up for the whole family, kind to the viewer, imbued with kind, subtle humour and sophisticated philosophical wisdom, it hasn't been here for at least a decade.

A bunch of friends from the first film will be back in Party Harder. They've recovered a bit from the previous events and in the summer they'll head to the famous Ibiza of the East - Machač, a legendary place full of parties, music and uninhibited sex. They promise themselves the experience of a lifetime and, of course, a holiday fuck. Will they enjoy the summer, or will they fail and face nothing but humiliation, involuntary celibacy and the Serbian militia? (Bontonfilm)


Admission: CZK 135


Párty Hárder: Summer Massacre (2022)
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