Ladies of Steel
Comedy / Road movie
Finland, 2020, 92 min
Directed by Pamela Tola


Mon 25/04/2022

Ladies of Steel

at 19:00
Novákových 20–22
Praha 8 – Libeň
Sale closed
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Basic information

Directed by Pamela Tola
Screenplay by Pamela Tola, Aleksi Bardy
Director of photography: Päivi Kettunen
Music by Panu Aaltio

Maybe you don't have two older sisters, you're not seventy-five, and you probably won't kill your husband with a frying pan. But you can come see this Finnish comedy.

A modern road movie set in an old Mercedes station wagon from the eighties and full of catchphrases, because our three ladies are not fighting anymore. It's time to be free-spirited and eccentric, to suppress dreams, to find yourself. It's all a bit crazy, but endearingly sympathetic – because it's human. The courage to live isn't just that.

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Admission: 120 CZK


Ladies of Steel (2021)
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