Coffee and Cigarettes
Film Hits Cycle
Comedy / Drama / Musical / Short Story
USA, 2003, 96 min
Directed by Jim Jarmusch


Mon 27/06/2022

Coffee and Cigarettes

at 19:00
Novákových 20–22
Praha 8 – Libeň
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Basic information

Directed by Jim Jarmusch
Screenplay: Jim Jarmusch
Director of Photography: Ellen Kuras, Robby Müller, Frederick Elmes, Tom DiCillo

Sorry to the fans of action flicks, nothing for them. For the rest of you, enjoy Jim Jarmusch's 2003 black-and-white short story film where he smokes, caffs and talks.

 The king of American indie cinema sort of made it up as he went along: Two or three meet and start. Talking about trivialities? Maybe, but cleverly written dialogue has its charm. Caffeinated popsicles, the mystery of Elvis, Nikola Tesla's inventions. And top musicians and actors (Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Bill Murray, Roberto Benigni, Cate Blanchet, etc.) step in front of the camera. 


Admission: CZK 120