Boiling Point
Film Hits Cycle
Drama / Thriller
UK, 2021, 92 min
Directed by Philip Barantini


Mon 21/03/2022

Boiling Point

at 19:00
Novákových 20–22
Praha 8 – Libeň
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Basic information

Directed by Philip Barantini
Screenplay by Philip Barantini, James Cummings
Director of Photography: Matthew Lewis
Music: Aaron May, David Ridley

If you have a weakness for psychological probes in the style of Yes, Boss!, this story from the gastro-business environment will be your blood type. Enjoy it with us!

A luxurious film from the environment of a luxurious restaurant – but from those places where the guest cannot and should not see. The drudgery, the stress, the emotions, the chef's life crisis, and beware, all supposedly filmed in one take! British director Philip Barantini's film is winning acclaim from audiences, as is Stephen Graham's excellent performance.

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Admission: 120 CZK


Boiling Point (2021)
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