About us

The miracle of rebirth

is a project of the independent group Humanita 489, led by architect Němeček and doctor engineer Cifrinec.
HUMANITA has a long cultural history: in 1913, the biograph BIO KARAFIÁT was born here, later renamed BIO ÚTULEK. The name HUMANITA was first encountered in 1937. In 1945 the building was nationalised, but it was still used as a cinema until 1970. It was then taken over by the Kinotechnika company and finally closed completely in 1990.
HUMANITA is a building for cultural and social events that took 7 years to restore and was restored without any state subsidies or grants.
HUMANITA is an independent cultural space on Palmovka Street. Libeň's Phoenix that rose from the ashes. A tribute to independent culture, a reason not to stay at home.

CT report on the restoration and reopening of the Humanita cinema..


Jazz Hub

You hear that?
That's how it's supposed to be phrased.

Life should have order. Like weekends, air and woods, Tuesdays, Libeň and jazz. No? It's okay, you can have your own way. We just recommend a regular dose of jazz. Every week, some of the top-notch domestic or international jazz musicians will be on stage.

Active musicians are cordially invited to the regular TUESDAY JAM SESSIONS. Open to anyone who wants to deepen their practice and meet people of the same blood.


When a film catches your eye

Hunting the internet at home and crumbling chips in bed? Fine, forgiven, especially if you're a teenager. But great works of cinema give the viewer more when given space. And that's what we're gonna give them.

You remember that – in addition to the irregular screenings – we hold regular MONDAY FILM CLUB screenings. And look out, from May to September you can also enjoy a true unadulterated SUMMER CINEMA with us. The night sky of Palmovka will be lit up by movie stars!


Flavours masterfully tuned in major and minor

Love passes through the stomach, and this also applies to art-hungry individuals. Just like a jazz solo, you can love a piece of our cold and hot cuisine.

In the lobby area, as well as in the jazz and film club areas, you'll find snack bars, and of course bars full of drinks both colorful and clear, alcoholic and completely innocent.

Space rental

  • Music and film festivals
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Seminars and training courses
  • Photography and video recording
  • Making audio recordings and recordings of concerts
  • Tastings
  • Book and CD christenings
  • Yoga seminars

Other services

  • Recording studio
  • Acoustic measurements, measurement of Lw and Lp levels of technical and acoustic equipment
  • Digital film and image post-production
  • Rehearsal room for jazz ensembles
  • Service for JAZZ ACOUSTICS instrumentation
  • Expert support in the selection and purchase of keyboard instruments
  • Sales of keyboard instruments with an instrument specialist
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