Oscar Nominations 2022 – Animated Short Films
Affairs of the Art (UK/Canada), 16 min
Beast (Chile), 15 min
Boxballet (Russia), 15 min
Robin Robin (UK), 32 min
The Windshield Wiper (Spain), 14 min


Mon 06/06/2022

Oscar Nominations 2022 – Animated Short Films

at 19:00
Novákových 20–22
Praha 8 – Libeň
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Basic information

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been recognizing short animated films since 1932. Immerse yourself in a boundless imagination, enjoy the creative potential of the authors and the technological magic of the films.

Will you like Beryl, an aging tragicomic factory worker obsessed with drawing? Or a bird adopted by a mouse family who decides to commit a robbery? The heroes of the other films are a secret police agent in Chile's military dictatorship, the tender ballerina Olya, and a guy in a café who ponders what love is over a cigarette.

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Admission: CZK 120